December 2010  
Bullish domestic activity boosts service sector sentiment
While the manufacturing sector is hampered by cyclical factors
Taiwan’s external sector continues to outperform market expectations. Exports saw a twelve month year-on-year rebound in October with exports increased by some 21.9% or USD 24.19 billions. Imports for October reflected the increase in export demands as well as new domestic investment initiatives, which increased by 27.9% year-on-year, or USD21.21 billions. With the imports in the rebound, trade surplus for October saw an 8.6% year-on-year decline, or USD 2.98 billion. Cumulative export data for the first ten months of 2010 saw an increase of48.6% YoY, or USD 226.44 billion, with a cumulative trade surplus of some USD 21.22 billion, USD 4.28 billion less than the same period in the previous year. As the world economy enters its correction stage, trade figures for Taiwan is likely to moderate its growth momentum ...Read more
ADB: Taiwan’s economy will grow by 4% next year
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) forecasted Taiwan’s economy is to expand by 4% in 2011. ADB also said Taiwan’s GDP for 2010 is expected to rise 9.8 percent. In its latest Asia Economic Monitor report, the ADB assesseed the outlooks for emerging East Asia which comprised the 10 economies of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations along with China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. These countries are classified by the ADB as the newly industrialised economy (NIE). According to ADB report, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Singapore are also expected to experience a slowdown next year.

Taiwan rank the world's top 7 in transparency of government policymaking according to the World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum (WEF) gave Taiwan a score of 5.7 out of 7 in the transparency of governmental policymaking index, which makes Taiwan in top 7 among the 139 countries in its latest survey. The main reason for Taiwan's big improvement is due to its e-government and facilitating the two-way flow of information between government and people, so that information access for the private sector is easy.

Taiwan and Switzerland agree to waiver their value-added business tax (VAT)
The Ministry of Finance aanounces that companies of Taiwan and Switzerland attedning exhibitions or engaging in business activities in either side can now apply for a refund of the value-added tax (VAT). Switzerland is the third country to agree to this VAT refund with Taiwan for the mutually beneficial measure. VAT refunded is desinged to reduce the costs for taiwanese companies and more foreign companies to attend exhibitions in Taiwan.

The Executive Yuan develops a Funding Platform for Hi-Tech and Innovative Firms
Taiwan injects NT$6.6 billion for local WiMAX industry, a wireless internet protocal
The World Bank upgrades Taiwan's ranking in doing business
The signing of ECFA, a Taiwan-China trade pact, attracts foreign firms setting up its R&D centres in Taiwan
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