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Expertise & Research Interests

Industrial Economics, Microeconomics, Taiwan manufacturing industry, The Relationships of Economic and Trade between Taiwan and China.


•1998 Ph.D, Economics, National Taipei University.
•1993 M.A, Economics, National Taipei University.
•1991 B.A, Economics, National Taipei University.


•2011-, Director, Research Division II, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
•2008-, Research Fellow, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
•2007-, Committee, Policy Research Commission of the Economic and Trade in ROCCOC.
•2005-, Deputy Director, Division II, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
•2002-, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Ming Chuan University

•2000-2007, Associate Fellow, Division II, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
•1995-1997, Assistant Fellow, Division II, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
•1994, Assistant Fellow, Department of Mainland China Economic, Chung Hua Institute for Economic Research


Recent Publications and Projects

2007, The Upgrading Strategies for Taiwan under Globalization, Presented at the Conference of Economic Strategies to Breach the Diplomatic Predicament for Taiwan, Contemporary Academic Research foundation, Taipei, Taiwan.( with Tsaur Tien-Wang)
2007, A Criterion of Taiwan’s Economics Policy under Globalization? Taiwan Economic Research Monthly, 31(7).
2006, An analysis of the upgrading status in Taiwan’s traditional manufacturing industry, Presented at the International Conference of Economic Transition and Industry Development , National Dong Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan.
2006, The Cross-countries Comparison and Analysis of the rate of Value-added in Taiwan’s Manufacturing Industry. Taiwan Economic Research Monthly, 30(9).
2006, The Outlook for Taiwan’s Manufacturing Industry in 2006, Taiwan Economic Research Monthly, 2006(2).
2005, The measure of Diversification for Taiwan’s Manufacture:1981-2003, Journal of Business (13).
2002, The Impacts on Taiwan’s Manufacturing Industry due to Globalization and its respond. Taiwan Economic Research Monthly, 26(6).