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Since its establishment in 1976, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) has been dedicated to the development of international economics and trade. To integrate regional economic development information and foster sharing of global economic research resources, TIER has been actively engaged in international academic exchange and research cooperation. With more than 30 year professional experience in research and consulting service, TIER hopes to become a forward-looking, professional and international think tank, and continues to promote international cooperation activities such as :

1. Sharing of relevant research data and resources
2. Business and investment consultation
3. Scholar exchange and training collaboration: design and implement Training Programs together on the basis of mutual agreement
4. Joint research and publication: conduct joint research projects, seminars, and/ or symposia on current economic, political and cultural issues when necessary.
5. Global and regional seminar cooperation
6. Recommend and / or invite lecturers (speakers) . Visiting research program coordination
7. Recommend and/ or contact industrial sites or business enterprises for on-site visits when necessary
8. International Technical Assistance


Lydia Chen
Public Relations Officer

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