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Looking forward to the innovative thinking and policy of digital development in Taiwan
In order to respond to the trends and characteristics of digital development, the innovative thinking required in policy should cover mastering the specific issues of digital development in Taiwan, the need for problem-oriented design of innovation policies, in addition to the participation and communication of stakeholders are becoming more and more important. Although we currently have the "Taiwan 2030 Vision" as the policy direction, it is recommended that a set of indicator systems that can measure domestic digital development should be well planned, the legal system conducive to digital development should be continuously optimized, and the policy promotion ecosystem for digital talents should be formed. And the formation of a policy package that integrates the needs of multiple parties and focuses on objectives. The OECD is committed to the promotion of digital development measurement and has established a national-level digital development measurement system, which will help the government's policy focus and resource input efficiency. The system can be used as a reference for Taiwan's digital development policy promotion and response strategies.