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Review and Prospect of APEC Regional Economic Resilience
APEC's organizational design is not specifically designed to respond to external shocks; however, external shocks will weaken APEC's economic resilience and erode people's well-being. In view of the fact that when COVID-19 impacted the APEC region, APEC economies adopted strict measures to reduce the impact of the deadly virus spread. Therefore, economic resilience referring to the ability to minimize the damage caused by sudden shocks has been on top of recent APEC agendas. This is not the strength of APEC's organizational design and organizational characteristics, but it is one of the most watched topics in APEC lately. Looking forward to 2023, the United States will be the host economy of APEC, and the priorities of a) interconnected: building a resilient and interconnected region that advances broad-based economic prosperity; b) innovative: enabling an innovative environment for a sustainable future; and c) inclusive: affirming an equitable and inclusive future for all will be set for the theme of "Creating a Resilient and Sustainable Future for All".