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Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
Transforming, Evolving, Resurging: The Business Services Sector's Resplendent Revival Post-Pandemic
This month's featured articles observe the current state and trends within the business services industry, exploring how shifting consumer habits in the post-pandemic era, coupled with the limited scale of domestic market demand, can unleash resilient growth potential. Beyond expanding domestic markets, efforts are underway to promote the internationalization of services by boosting service trade, thereby accelerating the sector's transformation into an export-oriented service trade powerhouse. Furthermore, facing an environment of labor shortages and low wages, the articles elucidate the underlying causes of the manpower supply-demand gap within the business services industry and scrutinize the evolving work values of the new generation workforce, who place greater emphasis on achieving a harmonious work-life balance – presenting novel challenges for the development of the sector's labor market. Furthermore, as digital technology advances at a rapid pace, the articles also explore how the business services industry can leverage innovative technological applications to elevate consumer experiences to unprecedented heights.