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For Taiwan to enter the digital economy era, it must lead the industry to innovate in an all-round way
The economic development of Taiwan for the past 30 years has been closely related to grasping the opportunity of electronic technology model and establishing an internationally competitive industrial chain through R&D innovation. However, in the digital economy era, “data” has become a new key investment, and “software” will be like the industrial age as important as machinery and equipment. Therefore, whether various vertical industries and software service providers can jointly grasp this new wave of digital network technology, accumulate data and develop software for innovation, should be an important key issue in the transformation and upgrading of various departments and industries in Taiwan at this stage. In the digital economy era centered on the development of data and software, the innovation of many emerging technologies in the previous industrial era, the model of producing specific technologies through R&D investment, is no longer fully applicable. In order to enter the digital economy era, the innovation required by various vertical industries requires not only continuous investment in technology research and development, but also data and software to change the operating model.