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SMEs and new start-ups should incorporate more ESG thinking
ESG has set off a whirlwind in the world in recent years and has gradually become a prominent study. As issues such as environmental pollution, climate change, corporate social responsibility and supply chain management have surfaced one after another, and have attracted the attention of governments around the world, ESG, which covers a wider range and touches deeper levels, has become an important part of assessing the sustainability of a company. The key indicators of continued operation are also an important reference for many international investment institutions when making investment decisions. More and more countries are choosing to speed up their efforts to find solutions for the huge impact ESG may have on industries or companies. It is worth noting that the global ESG wave is coming, and it will not only affect large enterprises, but also small and medium-sized enterprises and new start-ups. If these companies fail to respond as soon as possible, they will be excluded and it will be difficult to integrate into the global supply chain system.