March 2009 

In this edition of Taiwan Econ, you will read a forward-looking analysis discussing technological
foresights and socioeconomic needs in year 2020 and beyond.  This month's policy analysis
will also provide policy suggestions for the development of bio-fuels industry in Taiwan.

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Light at the end of the tunnel?
TIER latest survey shows surprise rebound despite dismal global outlook.
Taiwanese exporters in January continued its dismal feat since September 2008. Besides the weakening global demands, the Chinese New Year holiday in January has also reduced 9 workdays, which added to the pace of export decline. January exports figure totalled USD 12.37 billion, which saw a 44.1% decline year-on-year, the largest monthly record in Taiwanese history. Import figures for January reflected the fall in demands for exports...Read more
2009.3.26 PECC Keynote Address: His Excellency Gary Teves Briefing on Developments in the Philippines and ASEAN Response to the Global Financial Crisis
2008 International Conference on Homeland Security and Technology
“The Study on Korean and Taiwanese Investment Patterns in China” is the most recent research paper produced by a joint project between Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) and TIER. ... Read more

Bio-fuel Industry Development
Taking Gasofuel as an example

Foresight Taiwan 2020: Technology Advances and Socioeconomic Needs
A Quantitative & Statistical Analysis
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