August 2008 

In this edition of Taiwan Econ, you will read insightful discussion about the influence of the China
plus ASEAN free trade area on East Asian economics and trade. This month’s policy analysis also
brings you to explore macroeconomic trends and global impact of inflation.

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TIER lowers its GDP forecast for 2008
Its latest surveys indicate a bearish outlook in both manufacturing and service sectors
While the US economic downturn is sending shockwave the world over, the external sectors for Taiwan is still holding up thus far. Taiwanese exports to China, India and ASEAN countries are still maintaining double digit growth in June. Exports grew by 21.3% year on year (YoY) in June, reaching USD 24.35 billion. Figure for trade surplus is also robust despite surging import growth...Read more
2008.8.21-22 International Conference on Industrial Technology Innovation
2008.6.16-17 Taiwan Competitiveness Forum
"The Asia-Pacific Perspectives" is an open forum and welcomes the submission of analyses and commentaries on the Asia-Pacific region. It is published four times a year... Read more

Macroeconomic Trends
Global Impact of Inflation

China plus ASEAN free trade area
Its Impact on East Asian economics
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