April 2010  
Reduced workdays over the Chinese New Year dampens manufacturers’ outlook in February
While the service sector benefits from demand surge for goods and services
Taiwan’s external sector continues to recover as global outlook improves. Exports saw yet another strong year-on-year rebound in February. However, it is important to note that due to the Lunar New Year distortion, year-on-year data is not comparable. On YoY terms, exports in February went up by 32.6%, or USD 16.69 billions. Imports for February reflected the increase in export demands as well as new investment initiative, which saw an 45.8% increase year-on-year, with a trade surplus of USD 0.9 billions. Cumulative trade data for both January and February is also upbeat. Exports for both January and February grew by USD 38.44 billions, an YoY increase of 54.0%, with imports grew by some 54% YoY. Cumulative trade surplus for both January and February grew by 77.3%, or USD 3.39 billions. The quantitative easing from the world’s major economies is expected to stimulate demand and boost growth. As the world economy stabilises, trade figures for Taiwan is likely to pick up further ...Read more
The Statute for Industrial Innovation (SII) passed in mid April
The Legislative Yuan ratified the Statute for Industrial Innovation with an aim to encourage business investments. Under the new rules, municipal and county governments are allowed to draft development strategies for local industries, while the central governing agencies are able to subsidize industrial parks which cover industries such as healthcare, cultural innovation, agricultural and environmental technologies. In addition, businesses can offset up to 15 %of capital investment in R&D projects from their corporate income tax expenditure.

IMF raises 2010 forecast for Taiwan to 6.5%
On April 21st the International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised its 2010 growth forecast for the global economy to 4.2% in its World Economic Outlook report. In the report, IMF also raises growth outlook for Taiwan by 2.8 % to 6.5%, a 16-year high and the highest among the Four Little Dragons. IMF warned, however, that a failure of countries to contain soaring public debt problem might have “severe” consequences for the world economy.

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