September 2014  
Global conditions turn from sunny to cloudy
TIER business composite indicators add somewhat uncertainties to economic outlook
The recent global economic conditions have turned from a sun shining atmosphere to more of a cloudy tone, clouded by uncertainties. The European economy slowed down further due to shrinking internal and external demands. Furthermore, imposition of continuous sanctions on Russia further caused negative impacts on Europe’s frail recovery with constant deflationary anxiety. In Asia, Japan just presented the worst economic performance since the formation of Abenomics because of sales tax hike in April and increasing imports of energies. Deficits have traded surpluses and become a new normal of the Japanese economy. Despite of a series of micro-stimulus measures, China seems facing difficulties in picking up domestic demands. Over investment has long been a serious issue in China, and said issue has further worn down China’s capacity to continue its growth momentum. The US has been able to outperforming other big players after coping with a slight headwind in the first quarter. However, geopolitical issues in the Middle East and Ukraine would invite further uncertainties to the already cloudy international conditions. The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) manufacturing and service business composite indices both went down in August adding more uncertainties to the outlook of Taiwan economy. ...Read more
Consumer confidence stays flat over September: survey
Consumer confidence in Taiwan was almost flat in September, after hitting a low in August and having reached record highs in June and July, according to a survey released Monday. The latest consumer confidence index (CCI), compiled by the Research Center for Taiwan Economic Development at National Central University, rose 0.10 points to 83.16 in September from 83.06 in August. All six sub-indices showed minimal changes this month, within a margin of error of 2 percentage points. Dachrahn Wu, the center's director, said the September readings indicated that “the overall economic fundamentals are relatively quite good.”

Chinese Taipei Makes a Valuable Contribution at the APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Ministerial Meeting (Source: MOEA)
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Smart grid standard and industry promotion
Status and outlook of smart grid standard development
With the enhancement of global environmental awareness, governments have to improve energy efficiency and promote the construction of smart grid. Smart grid covers tens of thousands of electrical equipment and components, which requires accurate communications and operations through the relevant standards. The standardization of products ensures that consumers could buy goods with safety, reliability and good quality.
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