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Introducing digital technology to transform the exhibition venue


    The impact of pandemic has accelerated the global reformation of technology and network application, and at the same time led to the new business model of exhibitions. The Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) promotes “Expo-Tech Digital Exhibition Pilot Project”, which introduces digital technology and innovative application services into exhibitions, allowing online exhibitors/visitors to interact with physical exhibition visitors/exhibitors to achieve the advantages of online merge offline (OMO) exhibitions. The “Expo-Tech Digital Exhibition Pilot Project” has been cooperated with exhibition venues (Taiwan External Trade Development Council - Nangang Exhibition Center and Kaohsiung Exhibition Center) and curating bodies (Kaigo Co., Ltd., Taiwan Textile Federation) this year (2022) respectively to promote 7 OMO smart exhibition service solutions, which are “exhibition data application analysis”, “digital marketing dashboard”, “capacity flow management and control platform for exhibition venues”, “exhibition navigation sharing service platform”, “holographic display interactive booth (unmanned)”, “3D panoramic interactive booth” and “remote viewing robot”. In addition, the cooperative units proposed other smart exhibition service solutions, which were demonstrated in the exhibitions such as “CYBERSEC Taiwan”, “Taipei International Plastics and Rubber Industry Show”, “Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show”, “Taiwan Hardware Show”, “ART TAIPEI”, “Kaohsiung Food Show”, “Sustainable Taiwan Expo” and “Asia Pacific Stroke Conference”.

    Take Kaigo Co., Ltd. as an example in the 2022 Taiwan Hardware Show. They especially set up a “3D panoramic interactive booth”, leading 34 small and medium-sized hardware companies nationwide to participate. 68 pieces of 3D product modeling were built up to allow the visitors to view the details of the exhibits through the holographic interactive projection without touching them. Furthermore, to allow foreign buyers who were unable to make it to participate, the 3D product hall and the 360-degree panoramic view of the factories were simultaneously displayed on the online board of the Bureau of Foreign Trade of MOEA. This gave buyers have a better understanding of exhibitors’ production process and product quality, hoping to promote business cooperation and negotiation. Meanwhile, a remote viewing robot was introduced in the exhibition, allowing buyers who could not attend in person being able to interact with the exhibitors they are interested in in real-time interaction through the guidance of the robot so as to promote business matching opportunities.

The application of 3D panoramic interactive booth combined with holographic projection interactive booth

Remote viewing robot assisting exhibitor in remote negotiation

    In terms of hardware facilities in the exhibition venues, for example, a “column-free exhibition venue flow monitoring and navigation sharing service platform” was introduced in Kaohsiung Exhibition Center combining the 5G resources of the exhibition venue, which adopted Ultra-wideband (UWB) precise indoor positioning system. The biggest challenge was to install UWB base stations at a height of 27 meters in the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. Through high-altitude erection, a total of 21 UWB base stations were installed throughout the exhibition venue to collect visitor movement trajectories during the exhibition. Also, UWB and online virtual exhibition venue maps were employed to help buyers quickly and accurately locate a booth that interested them. At the same time, to welcome foreign business travelers to Taiwan, the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center has set up a multilingual translation display at the information desk to provide service to the visitors from English, Japanese, and Korean-speaking countries. Instant translation can help break the language barrier and enhance the exhibition experience.

Technology application of navigation sharing service platform