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Taiwan and Canada Extend Partnership in Sustainable and Circular Agriculture(Taiwan Institute of Economic Research)


Going Circular and Bring in the Entrepreneurs

On November 11, the Council of Agriculture (COA), Executive Yuan of Taiwan and the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) co-hosted the Taiwan-Canada Sustainable and Circular Agriculture Virtual Forum extending the agricultural collaboration between Taiwan and Canada to the field of circular agriculture.

This virtual event was organized by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research and attracted more than 50 participants from Taiwan and Canada, including policy makers, circular agriculture experts, academia, as well as many circular agriculture related entrepreneurs and business leaders. Together, these stakeholders exchanged ideas, shared information and successful business experience in the panel discussion the event. The panel discussion was followed by a pitch session, which allowed agricultural enterprises from the two economies to present themselves and look for potential partners. The event demonstrated the two economies’ ambition to collaborate in the field of circular agriculture, not only does the event aims to build closer bonds between the two government, but also the entrepreneurs in the industry.


Key Role for Agriculture in a Circular Economy

The Forum began with opening remarks delivered by Dr. Dennis Wang, Director General of the Department of Science and Technology from Council of Agriculture, Taiwan and Mr. Ed Jager, Director for Trade and Investment from the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei. “It has always been an important mission for the agricultural sector to play a role of connecting resources to promote sustainable development in an economy.” Said Dr. Wang.

        “Over the years, the Council of Agriculture has been upholding innovative and sustainable policy concept, as well as bridging collaboration between different agricultural institutions to construct a circular agricultural industry supply chain which prioritize source management, circular utilization of agricultural resources and development of new technologies.” Continued Dr. Wang as he stresses the importance of the agriculture sector and the role of the COA in the developments of circular economy in Taiwan.


Taiwan-Canada Sustainable and Circular Agriculture Virtual Forum and Partnering Events

As circular economy and sustainable development become a common value embraced by the global society, it has become a trend to adopt a more circular and green approach in agricultural development as well.

        Both Taiwan and Canada have made efforts to build a more sustainable and circular society, and thus co-hosted this Taiwan-Canada Sustainable and Circular Agriculture Virtual Forum to broaden the field of collaboration in agricultural developments. The forum not only aims to build better mutual understandings of sustainable and circular agriculture policies between Taiwan and Canada, but also strives to create a platform for sustainable and circular agricultural enterprise, providing them with opportunities to present themselves and to look for investors, innovation and trade collaboration. After this forum, until January of 2022, a series of business-to-business meetings will be held in order to promote benefits in agricultural businesses between Taiwan and Canada.


Staying Connected During the Pandemic

        In the recent months, huge efforts have been made by the Council of Agriculture to internationalize the circular agriculture of Taiwan. Less than two weeks ago another virtual International Forum for Sustainable and Circular Agriculture was held by the COA along with the partner economies of the Netherlands and Germany. The success of hosting these virtual circular agriculture events shows the determination of the COA to promote Taiwanese agriculture in the international stage. Despite the challenge of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the bonds between Taiwan and its partnering economies remains strong and connected.