March 2008 
TIER: Rebound in the service sector
But concerns over US slowdown looms over the manufacturing sector
Export figure remains robust in January despite the cyclical downturn and the slowing global economy. Exports grew by 11.9% year on year (YoY) in January, reaching USD 22.14 billion. Although export figure remains upbeat, figure for trade surplus is overcast by a surging import growth...Read more
2008.4.23-24 Wireless & Optical Communications Conference 2008
2008.01 TIER's Year End Party Celebration
2007.12 Forum on APEC Current Affairs - The 3rd East Asia Summit Specialist Forum
“The Study on Korean and Taiwanese Investment Patterns in China” is the most recent research paper produced by a joint project between Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) and TIER... Read more

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Energy Supply in Taiwan
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