December 2008 
TIER: Bearish US economy renders dismal Taiwan outlook
October survey shows lowest manufacturing sentiment since 1979
Taiwanese exporters in October continued its downward trend since September. The demand for electronics and precision instruments from the US has plummeted, which led to the decline in total Taiwanese exports. October exports figure totalled USD 20.81 billion, which saw an 8.3% decline year-on-year. Import figures for October reflected the fall in demands for exports...Read more
2008.12.2 TIER-RIETI Workshop
2008.11.20-21 Taiwan-Russia Joint Symposium on Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Application
“The Study on Korean and Taiwanese Investment Patterns in China” is the most recent research paper produced by a joint project between Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) and TIER.... Read more

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Global Financial Crisis
The Role China Might Play?
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