May 2009 

In this edition of Taiwan Econ, you will read an interesting story featuring the developments
of  Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 20 years. This month's policy analysis will 
also discuss how would governments invigorate economies through enlarging investments
in public infrastructure.

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TIER forecast bottom-out in 2009
Recent inventory correction and market rally will kick-start growth recovery
Taiwan’s exports for March continued to contract as the weakening global demands persists. March exports figure totalled USD 15.59 billion, which is some 35.7% decline year-on-year from last March. Import figures for March also reflected the fall in demands for exports...Read more
2009.6.8-9 APEC Symposium on SME Strategies to manage the Impacts of the Global Financial Crisis
2009.6.10-12 28th Meeting of the Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group
The Study on Korean and Taiwanese Investment Patterns in China” is the most recent research paper produced by a joint project between Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) and TIER... Read more

How to invigorate economy
Through investing in public infrastructure

20 Years of APEC
Making Compromises and Building Consensus
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