September 2009 
TIER: recovery remains on track
With business indicator continuing its upward momentum
Taiwan's export sector in July continues to recover since the financial crisis took hold last year. As global economy stabilises, month-on-month exports figure in July saw the highest rebound since October 2008. However, data did not buck the trend on year-on-year basis. July exports figure totalled USD 17.27 billion or 24.4% decline year-on-year. Import figures for July reflected the fall in export demands...Read more
2009.8.11 EIU Economist Jan Friederich's briefing on China: export trouble-domestic boom
2009.8.19 Vietnam National University College of Economics visited TIER
"A comparison of methods for detecting hot topics ” In scientometrics for trend analysis, parameter choices for observing trends are often made ad hoc in past studies. For examples, different year spans might be used to create the time sequence and different indices were chosen for trend observation... Read more

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