October 2010  
Perspective slowdown from China's economy hampers manufactures confidence
While upsides from the domestic sectors boosted the service sector sentiment
Taiwan’s external sector continues to outperform market expectations. Exports saw a ten month year-on-year rebound in August with exports soared by some 26.6% or USD 24.05 billions. Imports for August reflected the increase in export demands as well as new investment initiative. However, an industrial accident in one of Taiwan’s largest petrochemical plant in August has set the output back and reduced the import level to over USD 1 billion less, or a total of 28.0% increase year-on-year. With the sudden drop in import, trade surplus in August was back on positive growth, or 14.8% YoY. Cumulative export data for the first eight months of 2010 saw an increase of44.2% YoY, or USD 179.86 billion, with a cumulative trade surplus of some USD 16.49 billion, USD 3.18 billion less than the same period in the previous year. As the world economy enters its correction stage, trade figures for Taiwan is likely to moderate its growth momentum.

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The Legatum Institute raises Taiwan's Prosperity Index
The Legatum Institute, a London based think tank, upgraded Taiwan’s Prosperity Index from 24th to 22nd in the world. The institute is an independent, non-partisan organisation that researches and advocates for an expansive understanding of global prosperity. Prosperity Index is to measure the factors of economic fundamentals, democratic system, level of education, health, political governance, personal freedom, wealth, and quality of life by rating 110 countries with more than 90 percent of the world’s population.

Taiwan's country rating improves from A2 to A1
Coface, the leading international credit insurance and credit management services group, announces that Taiwan’s country rating to A1 from A2. This is because of strong country’s economic rebound, good business environment quality, and less deferred payments. This trend is also expected to show the gradual recovery and strengthened economic cooperation with China. Coface says Taiwanese foreign exchange reserves are likely to be very high in 2010 to protect the island from a foreign currency liquidity crisis.

ECFA, a trade pact between Taiwan and China, kicks off in September
The Council of Labour Affairs (CLA) introduces new foreign labour scheme
Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) grants permission for Taiwan's insurance industry to enter China market
The Taiwan Government launches the Action Plan for Development of the Digital Content industry
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