March 2011  
Global economic recovery and emerging market growth bolster manufacturing sector sentiment
While negative cyclical factor hinders service sector sentiment
Led by global economic recovery and strong demands for electronic and communication products, Taiwan’s external demand continued to thrive in January. Exports increased 16.6% YoY or USD 25.35 billions. Imports for January reflected the increase in export demands as well as new domestic investment initiatives, which increased by 21.9% year-on-year, or USD 23.47 billions. Among the its main categories, the import of capital equipments, raw materials and consumer products grew 40.4%, 19.3% and 16.4% respectively. While both exports and imports value showed record growth, the increase in import value has reduced trade surplus, with a 24.3% year-on-year decline in January, or USD 1.88 billion. As the world economy enters correction phase, trade figures for Taiwan is likely to moderate.

The cyclical upturn, new consumer electronics products and the approaching Lunar New Year have boosted industrial production in Taiwan, with industrial outputs grew by 17.19% in January. Among the individual sectors, the manufacturing sector increased by 17.28%, the production of mining and quarry, electricity, natural gas and water and the construction sector output went up by 11.95%, 1.60%, 2.27% and 42.86% respectively.

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The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) implements a program to reduce unemployment rate
In an attempt to reduce unemployment, the MOEA budgets a NT$900 million to subsidise the Taiwan’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The MOEA expects this program will benefit at least 10,000 graduates. The subsidies will target SMEs in the manufacturing, construction and mining sectors. Local SMEs are required to pay a minimum monthly salary of NT$27,880 to any new employees hired under the subsidy program, and the employment period should be guaranteed at least three months.

Taiwan aims to promote its green products globally
A Green Trade Project Office was established on 23rd of March as part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs'(MOEA) effort to promote the national green products and improve its image in the global green trade sector. The Office will start a three-year project in 2011 that will focus on industrial counselling, manpower training and marketing of the green trade between Taiwan and other countries.

Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) ranks Taiwan's investment enviornment as the second best in Aisa
The Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) initiates a program to create more job opportunities
The Minister of Economic Affair (MOEA) sets an annual output target for Taiwan’s smart handheld device industry in 2014
The Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Committee (ECC) host its first meeting in February
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