January 2011  
Expected future demands bolster manufacturing sector sentiment
While domestic recovery fuels service sector optimism
Taiwan’s external sector continues to outperform market expectations. Exports saw a thirteen month year-on-year rebound in November with exports increased by some 21.8% or USD 24.37 billions. Imports for November reflected the increase in export demands as well as new domestic investment initiatives, which increased by 33.8% year-on-year, or USD 23.96 billions. With the imports in the rebound, trade surplus for November saw an 80.3% year-on-year decline, or USD 410 million. Cumulative export data for the first eleven months of 2010 saw an increase of 46.9% YoY, or USD 229.18 billion, with a cumulative trade surplus of some USD 21.63 billion, USD 5.97 billion less than the same period in the previous year. As the world economy enters its correction stage, trade figures for Taiwan is likely to moderate its growth momentum. ...Read more
Premier Wu: GDP growth is set to reach 4.82 percent in 2011
Premier Wu announced the government's GDP goal for 2011 is 4.82 percent, with unemployment rate below 4.9 percent, and inflation below 2 percent during the Cabinet's January weekly meeting. Wu also said the global economic recovery will be slow affected by the European sovereign crisis as well as high unemployment in the industrialised nations. "Achieving these macroeconomic goals will be tough, and we must do our best to achieve this goal" he reiterated.

Over 80% of US firms surveyed in Taiwan feel positive towards Taiwan's business outlook for next five years
According to a survey from the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (AmCham) in January, it shows that more than 80 percent of U.S. firms in Taiwan are upbeat on Taiwan’s business outlook. However, there are still challenges ahead, including the pursuit of talents and the needs to improve public sector's efficiency. “53 percent of respondents in the survey said their Taiwan business in 2010 was relatively profitable, furthermore 54.3 percent said they would increase their investment in Taiwan in 2011” The 2011 Business Climate Survey says

Taiwan's trademark protection has been revised to cover more contents
A new intellectual property rights proction pact has been signed between Taiwan and China in the 5th Chiang-Chen meeting
The Executive Yuan approves five new broadband licenses
The Executive Yuan approves a project for Taiwan's MICE industry
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