September 2010  
Manufacturing sentiment remains frail in the July up cycle
While service sector’s battles against international financial uncertainties persist
Taiwan’s external sector continues to outperform market expectations. Exports saw a nine month year-on-year rebound in July with exports soared by some 38.5% or USD 23.90 billions. Imports for July reflected the increase in export demands as well as new investment initiative, which was a 42.7% increase year-on-year. With the surging import, trade surplus has been reduced significantly from the previous year, reaching USD 2.16 billions in July. Cumulative export data for the first seven months of 2010 saw an increase of 47.4% YoY, or USD 155.82 billion, with a cumulative trade surplus of USD 14.10 billion, USD 3.61 billion less than the same period in the previous year. As the world economy enters its recovery stage, trade figures for Taiwan is likely to maintain its growth momentum, be it at a more sustainable pace ...Read more
CEPD: Economy remains upbeat in August
Taiwan's economy stays upbeat in August, with a red light for the overall economy for the second month running, the Council for Economic Planning and Development(CEPD) said. The CEPD said at a press conference that as the government is putting great effort into attracting business investment and developing emerging industries in the wake of a landmark trade pact with China, investments and exports are expected to spur another economic growth momentum.

ADB raises Taiwan 2010 GDP forecast to 7.7 percent
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has raised its forecast for Taiwan's 2010 gross domestic product (GDP) to 7.7 percent from the previous estimate of 4.9 percent on the back of robust global trade. Despite strong growth, ADB Chief Economist Jong-Wha Lee suggested that government policies must be crafted to focus on trade, human capital, infrastructure and financial development to strengthen the foundation for developing Asia's next transformation towards sustainable economic growth.

Taiwan’s largest global investment promotion initiative since 2000 kicked off in August
Policy update for the statute for industrial innovation
A cross-government agency is initiated to enhance public construction projects
The CEPD is to initiate international logistic cooperations
Transformation through service innovation and green growth
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