October 2011  
TIER: Prospective fallouts from the Euro crisis dampens business confidence
Business remain cautious over peak season outlooks
Taiwan’s export remains robust in September despite capital market volatility. Strong demands for electronics and communication products continue to fuel the export sector with exports grew by 9.9% in September Year-on-Year, or USD 24.61 billion. On sequential basis however, September export fell by 4.6% over the previous month. Import growth also remained strong, due to both consumption growth upturn as well as increase in commodity imports. ...Read more
ROC celebrates centennial year
The Republic of China (R.O.C.) celebrated its 100th anniversary on October 10th with rare jet fighter flyovers and sky diving shows featuring military paratroopers, as well as an equally rare and straightforward National Day speech in which President Ma

Flooding in Thailand is likely to impact global supply chain for parts in the IT and automotive manufacturing
Thailand is the second-largest exporter of computer hard drives as well as a major part manufacturer for the automobile industry. Flooding in recent months has jeopardised the outlook for Thailand’s manufacturing base. While inner Bangkok appeared to have escaped the deluge, global prices for parts are rising due to flood-related shortage of major components used in personal computers.

Taiwan and Japan signed national treatment and most-favored-nation treatment to each other’s
Further relaxation on cross-straight financial dealings
The Government embarks on new housing projects
Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
Industry Strategy after the latest round of Industry Development Program
Taiwan’s export competitiveness, trend and challenges
Industrial upgrade strategy – bridging the service sector with manufacturing outputs
Creativity and the new economy – a new era for the Taiwanese industry
The Cloud and new economy, a 21st century revolution
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