January 2012  
Global uncertainties contain Taiwanese economic performance
A tepid 3.96% growth for 2012 forecasted by TIER
As a relatively small and trade oriented economy, the Taiwanese economic performance has been constrained by the global uncertainties and deteriorating conditions since the second half of 2011. The biggest factor contributing to those uncertainties would be the never ending European debt crisis. The crisis has not only seriously hindered the recovery process of European economies but also aggravated overall global business climate. In addition to the European problem, the US has been experiencing extremely slow recovery for the entire year of 2011 albeit some optimistic signs that appeared in the fourth quarter. Weakening world demand also held back the growth momentum of China and other emerging economies. To sum up, Taiwan’s major trading partners or export destinations were all short of fuel to grow making it impossible for Taiwanese export to remain strong in December 2011. ...Read more
Taiwan ranks 29 in green performance index
Taiwan ranked 29th out of 132 countries in the 2012 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) in an international study. The Yale and Columbia University study evaluates a country's environmental protection program, based on 22 performance indicators in 10 policy categories.

CEPD: Taiwan’s economy should bottom out in Q1
The Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) expects Taiwan’s economy to bottom out by April 2012 with the strong US economy. The Vice Chairman of the Council was cautious optimistic for the outlook of 2012.

Taiwan ranked as the world’s 18th freest economy
According to this year’s Index of Economic Freedom by the US Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal, Taiwan’s strong commitment to structural reform and openness to global trade has made Taiwan the 18th freest economy in the world.

The Financial Ombudsman Institution (FOI) commenced operation in January
The FSC has approved UnionPay card for online purchases in Taiwan
Ministry of the Interior amended Law to allow Chinese medical tourism to Taiwan
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