March 2021  
The global economy seems out of the woods with optimistic outlook
TIER's composite indicators indicate promising signs
As major economies in the world have been developing and acquiring vaccines for coping with COVID-19, their confirmed cases have been reducing indicating that it's expected the global economy will be back on track soon. Since the recovery seems more likely, Taiwan's economy can further be on a growing binge. In addition to that, the composite indicators of manufacturing as well as services issued by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) signal optimism in January 2021 yet again. ...Read more
Legislators ratify property tax bills
The legislature’s Finance Committee in March approved bills that would raise property taxes, making it more difficult to make a profit from short-term property transactions, including transfers of presale projects and shares. The bills would subject houses sold within two years of purchase to combined property taxes of 45 percent, while the taxes would be 35 percent on houses sold within five years of purchase. (Source:Taipei Times)

The BOFT Links with the ITC to Help Businesses Explore Global Business Opportunities (Source: MOEA)
Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
From regulation to freedom, exploring opportunities to enter the electricity market through decentralizing green energy
The development trend of micro-grid industry
As the technology development of system integration vendors becomes more mature and is driven by the global market demand, Taiwan’s micro-grid system industry development and policy is recommended to establish micro-grid system integration related national regulations or safety standards, and provide large electricity users to build micro-grid systems.
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