November 2017  
Global recovery continues on a good drive
Taiwan's recovery taking a short break
The US and European economy both did very well in the third quarter of this year. The Chinese economy slowed down a little bit compared with the growths of previous two quarters; however, its economic performance is still better than the market expectation. As a result, the Global Insight Institute adjusted its forecast for this year's global GDP growth upward. The improved global economic conditions did help pick up Taiwan's growth especially in exports; nevertheless, the momentum has come to an end, whereas Taiwan's recovery is taking a short break. The export growth in October was not as strong as earlier months due to base effect.
Taiwan's exports in October 2017 increased by only 3.0% compared with the same month of 2016 that would be the 13th month of positive growth in exports. Regarding imports, Taiwan's imports in October 2017 increased by 0.13% compared with imports in October 2016. Exports and imports grew by 12.95% and 12.99% y-o-y respectively from January 1st till the end of October this year, Taiwan's exports and imports gave a trade surplus of US$ 45.78 billion or an increase by 12.81% on a y-o-y basis during this period.
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Trade deal with Australia said to now be on hold
The government is continuing to seek free-trade agreements (FTAs) with nations around the world, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in November, amid media reports that Australia’s plans to sign a trade deal with Taiwan was shelved due to Chinese pressure. A report in Monday’s edition of the Australian Financial Review newspaper quoted a source as saying that although such a plan remains official Australian government policy, it has been put on hold because Canberra has its hands full doing deals with Hong Kong, Indonesia, the EU, the Pacific Alliance and trying to revive the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (source: Taipei Times)

Academia-industry Collaboration and Going Global The 22nd InnoServe Awards on 4th November (Source: MOEA)
Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
Venture Capital: Innovative Application and Industrial Development
By observing the recovery of global investment momentum, the global trend of early fund development in 2017 is most active in North America and Asia. The first three major industries for angel investment in the U.S. are still expected to be software, healthcare and retails. China is supported by its policy with the Internet, IT, media, telecommunications and value-added businesses as the mainstay. Therefore, this article will summarise the reports and databases from the well-known early investment companies in the world as well as introduce Taiwan’s venture capital outlook.
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