August 2017  
Upticks seen all around global economy
TIER's manufacturing and construction Composite Indicators surge unanimously
Major economies around the world, the US, Europe, Japan, and China all had a very steady and solid second quarter performance this year adding fuel to global economic recovery. As the growing demand continues, production and supply value chain will also operate as usual. Heated up by strong growth in exports, the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) issued manufacturing composite indicator increases for the second month consecutively. Insurance and wholesale sectors were both optimistic in July, whereas the other sectors viewed the near future more neutral giving TIER's service composite indicator a slight drop after 4- monthly consecutive mount. Finally, the construction composite indicator also rises thanks to expanding scales and the due completion effect of public construction projects with respect to the government's stimulus packages.
Taiwan's exports in July 2017 increased by 12.51% compared with the same month of 2016 that would be the second month of double digit growth in exports. Regarding imports, Taiwan's imports in July 2017 increased by 6.49% compared with imports in July 2016.
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The Universiade was expected to bring in over NT$10 billion to the economy
The Taipei Universiade was expected to pump more than NT$10 billion into the economy, an Education Ministry report said in August. But that's against its total price tag of NT$17.1 billion, NT$7.4 billion of which is coming from the central government, according to the report. The multidisciplinary sporting event for college students is expected bring in NT$7.44 billion in direct businesses and NT$4.6 billion in added-value business, creating around temporary 15,000 jobs. Premier Lin Chuan (林全) added that the Universiade would also generate intangible benefits such as increasing Taiwan's international exposure and driving technological, business and sports venue development. (source: The China Post)

Mines Bureau officials take part in Taiwan-Japan TCP (Source: MOEA)
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Circular Economy: the new engine to Taiwan's SMEs
Circular economy helps achieve UN's sustainable development goals
10YFP is a United Nations-led circular economy program, which was also endorsed together with sustainable development goals (SDGs) by the United Nations Earth Summit in 2012. 10YFP aims of strengthening international cooperation to accelerate the development of sustainable consumption and production transformation within developing countries and developed countries. This article examines how EU and UK implement circular economy to fulfill SDGs as well as discuss the responses on SDGs from PwC and Chunghwa Telecom to achieve sustainable and inclusive economic development.
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