September 2015  
Mixed global economic conditions put in further uncertainties
Plunging TIER business composite indicators signal gloomy outlook
Despite the fact that both the US and Euro zone adjusted their growths of the second quarter upward this year, China’s economic slowdown remains as a critical factor affecting confidence of international investors. As for East Asia, trade-oriented economies including Japan, Korea, and Taiwan have all been suffering from weakening external demands. Deteriorating exports performance has also provided certain damages on the equity markets worldwide.
Taiwan’s exports in August 2015 decreased by 14.77% on a year-on-year basis; the exports to China and ASEAN 6 dropped by more than 15%, to Europe and Japan dropped by 10%, and to the US dropped by 6%. In addition, the continuous crude price plunge offsets the exports of petroleum related industries.
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Consumer confidence of Taiwan falls in September
Taiwan's consumer confidence continued to weaken in September, dropping for five consecutive months, according to a survey released Tuesday by National Central University. The survey indicated that the consumer confidence index (CCI) for September dropped 0.83 points from a month earlier to 85.32, falling for five months in a row, according to the university's Research Center for Taiwan Economic Development. The sub index for consumer prices rose 0.5 points from a month earlier to 59.20, while the sub-index for the timing of equity market investment remained the same at 73.20. (Source: The China Post)

APEC Accelerator Network Forum for Early Stage Investment Speed up Startup to Growth by Integrating International Resources. (Source: MOEA)
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Cultural industry's revolution and innovation under the technology integraion
The profit model in audiovisual service industry
By looking at internet audiovisual service development precedents in other countries, no matter how big the market size is and how strong the audiovisual content is, most platforms have to create a new profit model for reversing its operating conditions in the face of web-first to mobile-first or even towards web-only. The audiovisual content could be seen as an investment from the users of platform, it also could be the value-added service provided to their customers by terminal equipment manufacturers as well as become a better channel for online sellers to display their advertising and promote the online shopping websites. Therefore, a fruitful content is crucial to set up a business model.
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