May 2014  
Unclear and Mixed Global Conditions Drags the Pace of Recovery
TIER Business Composite Indices Signal Uninviting Stance
The global business conditions have been turning into a colossal mixture with somewhat optimistic, a bit slowing, and mostly ambiguous economic performances across world major economies. The U.S. recovery episode has provided the most cheerful momentum with solid growth of investment and consumption in Q1. The Euro zone has continued to bottom up; however, the European recuperation lacking well-built thrust. The Chinese economy has been slow, forcing the governmental policy to change from “no stimulus” to “mild stimulus”. The Japanese economy experienced the best performance in Q1, 2014 since the launch of Abenomics, despite the fact the sales tax hike in April helped push up the Q1 demands. In addition, continuous trade deficit was still haunting Japan’s economy. The geopolitical unrests in Southeast Asia would further cause uncertainties in ongoing and future activities in trade, investment, and consumption. With respect to said unclear and mixed global conditions, the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research issues its business composite indices that signal uninviting stance. All three indicators declined in April, 2014.
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TSMC plans to boost R&D expenditures to US$1.8 bil.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the world's largest contract chip maker, said on 30th May that it is planning to spend US$1.8 billion on research and development to maintain its technological lead in the industry. At a technology symposium held in Hsinchu, C.C. Wei, TSMC's president and co-chief executive officer, said the 2014 R&D spending will be up more than 200 percent from 2009 as the chip maker has been gearing up for high-end technology processes. The 2014 figure will also top 2013's US$1.6 billion. After increasing its R&D expenses year by year, TSMC has built up an R&D team of 4,500 professionals so far, Wei said. (Source: The China Post)

Statistical News: Export Orders up 8.9% in April 2014 (Source: MOEA)
BOE, MOEA Provides Two Subsidies to Promote Biogas Power Plant (Source: BOE)
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Analysis on the issues of 2014 APEC annual meeting in China
The political and economic meanings behind the 2014 Beijing APEC Leaders' Meeting
China set the tone for 2014 APEC meeting as "home diplomacy". To break the political and economic meanings of 2014 APEC Leaders’ Meeting in Beijing, starting from the main theme of annual meeting, “Shaping the Future through Asia-Pacific Partnership”. Hence, the political and economic views are the only way to analyse the 2014 APEC meeting in China, then the outcome would be closer to the fact.
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