November 2018  
Trade war drags down global business confidence
TIER composite indicators show some pessimism
Despite the fact that European and Japanese economic recovery still remains, the growth momentum is hardly solid. It is also very evident that the Chinese economic growth has been slowing down with respect to its internal financial troubles and external tensions with the US. The plunging of global crude oil prices and the Fed's continuous tightening measures further ramp up the uncertainties. As a result, the service and manufacturing composite indicators issued by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) decline for the third consecutive month.
Taiwan's exports in October 2018 increased by 7.35% compared with the same month of 2017. Regarding imports, Taiwan's imports in October 2018 increased by 17.64% compared with imports in October 2017. Exports and imports grew by 8.0% and 12.5% y-o-y respectively from January 1st till the end of October this year, Taiwan's exports and imports gave a trade surplus of US$ 40.05 billion or a decrease by 12.88% on a y-o-y basis for the first 10 months of this year.
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Proposal to bring firms home approved
The Executive Yuan approved a three-year plan to attract investment from Taiwanese businesses in China affected by the current US-China trade dispute. The plan, which is to take effect on Jan. 1, focuses on five areas — land use, labor, tax services, water and electricity supply, and fast financing — and only businesses affected by the trade dispute, that have been investing in China for more than two years. (Source: Taipei Times)

Experience & Opportunity sharing among i4.0 practitioners from Taiwan & Germany Enhancing global connections via the smart machinery industry (Source: MOEA)
Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
Early investment: the future world of digital innovation
Brief report on emerging industries driven by the early investment
This article analyses the early investment data from FINDIT, a database with more than 250 thousands related data, to summarise six potential emerging technologies that are most favoured by the investors.
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