September 2016  
Slowing global trade provides limited propulsion to recovery
TIER composite indicators signal tepid growth for the rest of the year
Although the US has been on a by and large recovery track, its most recent GDP growth and job market did not meet the market expectation. The European economy seems to be recovering as well but on an extremely slow pace. Japan has been working hard on picking up domestic demand; however, headwinds continue to squeeze its fragile external demand. China is at the phase of so far so good; nevertheless, an uncertainty for the near future remains. As the EIU revises down its forecast for world trade growth in 2016 from 2.5% to only 1.8%, slowing global trade will certainly limit the propulsion to economic recuperation. As for the economy of Taiwan, TIER composite indicators signal tepid growth for the rest of the year.
Taiwan's exports in August 2016 increased by 1.01% compared with the same month last year, the second increase in exports after a historical 17 months of consecutive drop.
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Economy shows greater recovery momentum: NDC
In a sign of stronger economic recovery, economic indicators compiled by the National Development Council (NDC) flashed green — indicating "stability" — for the second straight month. The scale used by the NDC ranges from: blue (16-9), indicating "sluggish," blue-yellow (17-22), indicating "transitional," green (31-23), indicating "stable," red-yellow (32-37), indicating "transitional" and red (38-45), indicating "booming." The overall score for the economy climbed from 23 in July to 25 for August. (Source: The China post)

Minimum wage to be raised (Source: MOEA)
Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
Opportunities of Taiwan's high quality industrial development
Trends of Taiwan's industrial development and its challenges
Taiwan’s industrial structure reforms and its industrial policy adjustments can be described as a mutual interdependent to create the economic success by reviewing history of Taiwan’s industrial development. However, the manufacturing sector in Taiwan emphasises on the efficiency of the production processes and is highly dependent on imports of key products and technologies which lead to a low added- value due to the lack of branding and marketing. This article discusses the Taiwan’s industrial development trend and its challenges, hoping to achieve the effective use of existing resources by government’s new industrial development policies.
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