July 2013  
Pessimism pressed willingness to consume
TIER downward adjusted its forecast for 2013 growth
The concerns regarding the end of QE shacked the global economic conditions especially the portion of financial markets. Capital flew out of emerging economies and rushed for safe harbors above all the US markets. China is undertaking a so called structural reform, and a scheduled soft landing seems inevitable. The slowing Chinese economy has added a new uncertainty to world economic outlook, and there should be no surprise that Taiwan will certainly be on the impact list. Although private investment is expected to beat expectations, private consumption and output remain flat with respect to ambiguous atmosphere at present. The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research adjusted its forecast downward by 1.19 percentage points from 3.71% to 2.52%.
On a y-o-y basis, Taiwan’s exports in June 2013 grew by 8.65%. In addition, exports to ASEAN 6 grew by 20.33% y-o-y in June indicating a recovery and steady demand in South East Asia. In total, the exports of 2nd quarter increased by 2.43% y-o-y. With the derived demand from exports, Taiwan imports also increased by 5.44% y-o-y in June.
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Taiwan to increase biotech investment: Ma
President Ma Ying-jeou stated on Thursday that his government plans to increase investment in the local biotech industry by more than 25 percent in three years to make Taiwan a global leader in biotech and pharmaceutical development. At the opening ceremony of the Bio Taiwan trade show, Ma said Taiwan's biotech industry generated total revenues of NT$263 billion last year, increasing nearly 10 percent from the previous year, which resulted in a growth rate higher than any other sectors. Investment in the biotech industry reached NT$39.5 billion in 2012, recording double-digit growth for the third consecutive year, he added. (Source: The China Post)

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) removed a large number of finance-related items from the restricted-investment list to offer foreign investors a wide-ranging choices
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Analysis on 2013 APEC meetings in Indonesia
APEC 2013: A new chapter of economic agenda from the south
Taiwan is in a position between developed and developing economies in the region of APEC. While the global and regional economic structures are transforming, Taiwan shall have plenty of chances to experience the reborn of APEC southern agenda, which brings a lot of opportunitites for Taiwan to participate a series of events. 2013 is a new starting point for APEC as well as a good time for Taiwan's active participation.
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