March 2019  
Potential settlement in US China trade talk sheds light on weary business environment
TIER composite indicator for manufacturing increases due to international optimism in resolving US China conflicts
The trade talk between the US and China is approaching a temporary truce, whereas such progress has helped dismiss the global economic uncertainty to some extent. The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) issued its most recent composite indicators for manufacturing and service. The manufacturing indicator goes up due to the international optimism in resolving the conflicts between the US and China. Nevertheless, the service indicator goes down because of fewer working days when cerebrating the lunar new year in February 2019.
Taiwan's exports in February 2019 decreased by 8.77% compared with the same month of 2018. Regarding imports, Taiwan's imports in February 2019 decreased by 19.7% compared with imports in February 2018. On the cumulated basis, exports and imports of January and February this year gave a trade surplus of US$ 5.83 billion or decreased by 4.09% on a y-o-y basis.
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NCC considering longer 5G license
The validity period of 5G licenses might be extended to help the nation’s telecoms stay competitive in the 5G age, the National Communications Commission (NCC) said in March. The commission had last year said that it was aiming to release the first batch of 5G licenses by the first half of next year. The 5G wireless technology must meet certain requirements, including having enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine-type communications and ultra-reliable low-latency communications, the commission said. (Source: Taipei Times)

Where Taiwan’s Good Games Gather, Taipei Game Show Becomes Enchanted (Source: MOEA)
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Smart technology and bioeconomy outlook towards 2050
Prospects of technology and international cooperation in the new era of bioeconomy
The Earth Biogenomics Project was launched in London in 2018 by the World Economic Forum. This initiative analyzes the technological foresight and international cooperation participation in the new ear of bio-economic. Taiwan is also planning to have a “national team”, participating in the alliance team
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