November 2013  
Recuperating West versus Decelerating East
TIER business composite indicators showed no signs of forthcoming upturn
The US economy has moved back to the recuperating trajectory after dismissing the meaningless fiscal debate and postponing the debt ceiling problem to early next year. As for the outlook, both the US PMI and NMI issued by the Institute for Supply Management have been steadily above 50 points, the expansion state and climbing consecutively. ...Read more
Joining TPP will boost Taiwan's businesses: Brookings Institute
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could give Taiwanese businesses an opening to “move further up the value chain and develop more of [their] own branded goods and services,” a new analysis by the Brookings Institution says. However, in the view of Brookings Taiwan studies director Richard Bush and economics expert Joshua Meltzer, the reasons for Taiwan to join the TPP go beyond the potential market openings with major trading partners and are “more strategic in nature.” They say that the TPP’s liberalization agenda will require Taiwan to undertake a range of economic reforms that will have a “significant and positive impact” on Taiwan’s productivity, competitiveness and economic growth. “Joining TPP can become a driver of domestic economic reform in Taiwan and in this respect could have a similar impact as the World Trade Organization,” Bush and Meltzer say in the analysis.

The minimum wage in Taiwan will be raised next year (Source: CEPD)
Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
The new key economic driver- Service sector
Strategic thought of promoting investment in Taiwan’s service sector
The countries and areas nearby Taiwan, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, mainly focus on service sector as well as the foreign investment. Therefore, Taiwan should go through its SWOT analysis and also refer to other advanced countries in promoting investment in order to succeed in investment promotion in Taiwan, and thus to improve its competitiveness in Taiwan’s service sector.
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