May 2020  
World major economies aim for bottom rebound
TIER's composite indicators signal tepid recovery approaching
Despite world major economies are all looking for the best timing to ease the restriction measures coping with the COVID-19 crisis, international institutes including the IHS Markit, United Nations and Economist Intelligence Unit have all further adjusted their forecasts for this year significantly downward. However, the composite indicators issued by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) signaled that a tepid recovery or the chance of bottom rebound could be approaching. Both the manufacturing and construction composite indicators continued to dip, but the service composite indicator increased. ...Read more
County government designs business cards to showcase the best of Pingtung
The Pingtung County Government has begun promoting business card templates for its employees that show off the county’s natural scenery, flora and fauna, and Aboriginal art. Fourteen images are available for county officials to use, which include southern bluefin tuna, the Oluanpi Lighthouse and the Shan-Chuan Glass Suspension Bridge, as well as agricultural products grown in the county, such as wax apples, mangoes and cocoa plants. The cards would help market the county when officials hand them out on business trips elsewhere, the county government said in May. (Source: Taipei Times)

Industrial Development Bureau partners with Microsoft to accelerate Taiwan`s digital transformation (Source: MOEA)
Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
The vision and development of APEC topics post 2020
Promoting Sports Tourism, and Accelerating Sports Innovation in the Development of the Asia Pacific's Sports Industry
The coming of the digital age has reshaped economies around; as the sports industry evolves along with the change, a more innovative way of thinking is needed in order to sustain a development in keeping with other growing industries. It will no longer be the mere development of sports itself, the industry will need to apply and cooperate with new technologies, city development, and the leisure industry; including hosting major sports events and promoting sports tourism - a chance for all industries to grow and develop together.
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