November 2014  
Global conditions disfavor economic outlook
TIER business composite indicators continue to tumble
The current global conditions disfavor world economic outlook. Despite the fact that the economic performance of US has preceded other major economies, the rest of the world has remained fragile with tepid and nearly still growth. The US recovery helped its unemployed rate drop from 5.9% in September to 5.8% in October, the lowest rate since the start of post-crisis era. On the contrary, the European economy is still suffering from the structural unemployment with 11.5% seasonal adjusted jobless ratio in September. However, the inflation rate of Euro zone stood at 0.4% in October indicating a 0.1 percentage point higher than the rate in September; the fear of potential deflation subsides a bit. Japan’s sales tax hike in April has failed to fix the fiscal problem but added more recondite concerns to its paltry domestic demand. In addition, the yen depreciation partially originated from the first arrow has caused more damages to Japan’s weakening external demand, and its excruciating trade deficits have gone on. With consecutive two-quarter negative growth in year-on-year basis, Japan slides into a recession. ...Read more
MOEA seminar, awards tout commercial design
The Ministry of Economic Affairs' Department of Commerce held a seminar and award ceremony on Nov. 27 to promote Taiwan's commercial design. During the event held in Taipei, the department gave away the “2014 New Commercial Designer Award” and “2014 Taiwan Visual Design Award” to two local designers. Another 69 design works were also selected during the competition, it noted. This competition selects outstanding works to raise the visibility of Taiwan's design potential and broaden the horizon of Taiwan's design industry, according to the department. (Source: The China Post)

Traditional Industries Needs Regeneratation IDB Helps Industries Build Trendy New Life (Source: MOEA)
Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
Analysis on a jump start of Taiwan economy
From the angle of Taiwan's industry, manufacturing industry accounts for more than eighty percent of total industrial outputs. However, the industrial restructuring in the emerging Asian countries that have participated the international trade market are in progress. Taiwan's manufacturing industry is also facing a transitional structural change. Thus, mastering the cutting-edged research and development, and creating added values would be the key to enhance and strengthen manufacturing development.
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