July 2015  
Plunging Crude oil price fails to prop up domestic demand
Facing headwinds, TIER adjusts its forecast downward
Most forecasting agencies, international or domestic, trusted that the plunging crude oil prices would have contributed significantly to the global growth momentums by picking up consumption and pushing forth investment earlier this year. The cruel fact turned out to be the other way around. Falling price levels have so far failed to prop up the demand side, and instead, lured consumers and investors to postpone their business activities. Nevertheless, the US economy, world’s largest market for end products, has been by no means on the track of recovery with consecutive increasing leading indicators despite of a sluggish first quarter. Greek troubles have finally been stalled after a fiasco of its referendum in vain giving Euro zone a healthier periphery to recuperate. However, the improving end markets did not help advance activities of supply value chains in Asia. Mainly due to the slowdown of China’s economy, most East Asian economies are facing serious headwinds. As for Taiwan, its exports of the second quarter shrank in terms of value as well as quantity. The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research is obliged to lower its forecast of 2015 from 3.70% to 3.11%. ...Read more
Housing construction drops in 2nd quarter: report
Total construction volume of presale and new homes contracted 30.04 percent to NT$272.2 billion in the second quarter from the same period last year on uncertainty over demand due to property tax revision, a developer said. Northern Taiwan was hit hardest in the second quarter while construction volume in Kaohsiung held steady, according to a quarterly report released by Cathay Real Estate Development Co and National Chengchi University's Taiwan Real Estate Research Center yesterday. The report showed that Taoyuan and Hsinchu in the north recorded the largest drop in construction volume between April and the end of June, amid market volatility over revisions to the property tax. (Source: The China Post)

Moving Towards Productivity 4.0: Cooperation between Central and Local Governments for a Better Industrial Development Environment (Source: MOEA)
Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
Opportunity and strategies to develop intellectual property services in Taiwan
Taiwan's next step under the emerging industrial development
The recent global industrial direction moves towards smart home, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation, smart grid, and smart cities. It is about the integration of cross-field technology, integration of cultural and creative applications as well as involving the issues of standard formation. According to the past patent ability experience, Taiwan in fact has a very strong foundation in response to the new industrial trend.
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