October 2014  
Global conditions remain ambiguous
TIER business composite indicators tumble yet again
The present conditions of the world business atmosphere remain ambiguous. It turns out that the economy of United States of America has preceded other major players. The US recovery helped its unemployed rate drop below 6% in September; the incumbent 5.9% would be the lowest since July, 2008. On the contrary, the European economy is still suffering from the structural unemployment with 11.5% seasonal adjusted jobless ratio in August. As the inflation rate stood at 0.3% in September indicating a 0.1 percentage point lower than August, the specter of deflation continues to haunt the European continent. Japan’s sales tax hike in April has failed to fix the fiscal problem but added more recondite concerns to its paltry domestic demand. In addition, the yen depreciation partially originated from the first arrow has caused more damages to Japan’s miserable external demand, and its excruciating trade deficits have gone on. The Chinese economy has gone slow with a Q3 growth rate of only 7.3%, a bit shy from the target rate of 7.5%. Since its internal growth outperformed external growth, some believed that China’s economic strategy and policy had come into effect. ...Read more
Manufacturing to have sluggish year: TIER
The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research forecast that the local manufacturing sector will have a “sluggish” performance over the whole year, and pointed out that the food industry has been in this state for four continuous months. The recently emerged tainted oil scandal has affected the food industry, TIER said. However, the impact is only short-term, and unlikely to create drastic changes to the industry in the long run, the TIER said. (Source: The China Post)

The BEST Marketing Platform will support the information service industry in Taiwan to expand its international market opportunities (Source: MOEA)
Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
Revolution and outlook of the public technology management mechanism
Given that the technological development is one of the drivers to increase a nation’s economic prosperity, it's much needed to explore the basic infrastructure development plans as well as science and technology plan including the purpose, results and efficiency indicators strategies. This article helps understand Taiwan’s technology policy performances through interviewing Dr. Pei-Zen Chang, a professor of the Applied Mechanics at the National Taiwan University
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