March 2014  
Recuperating global markets help boost Taiwan’s exports a bit
Latest TIER business composite indices continue to signal brighter outlook
The US economy continues to recover despite the Federal Reserve Chairperson, Janet Yellen’s recent remarks gets on the sensitive nerve of global financial markets. The GDP growth of 4th quarter of 2013 indicated that Euro Zone finally had its first positive growth on a year-on-year basis after 7-month consecutive declines. The 10-year yield rates of most European countries in debt trouble drop below 5%, and the only exception, Greece’s rate is also falling lower than 7% meaning risks have subsided significantly. Basically, the advanced west is offering the major momentum to pick up the world economy this year. As in Asia, the Japanese economy will probably continue to grow but not as strong as last year, whereas the Chinese economy is about to undergo its structural reforms. The Southeast Asia also has been slow due to two reasons, Thai political turmoil and capital outflow. However, the positive momentum from the advanced west seemed to offset the slowing east. As the global conditions are still getting better, the business composite indices, manufacturing and service, estimated by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research mounted up.
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Taipei planning 2 industrial parks to boost design industry
The Taipei city government is planning to establish two industrial parks to boost the municipality's design industry, according to the commissioner of the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs.(Source: The China Post)

Taiwan-Japan local industrial collaboration is taking a huge step forward. TJPO and Wakayama prefecture sign MOU (Source: MOEA)
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Taiwan's agricultural development strategy from the perspective of value chain
Grasp the pruduction trend, Create the market value
In view of climate change and soaring international food prices, Taiwan has highly relied on imported foods that could increase the risk of downstream industrial operations as well as lead to potential food security problems. Thus, this article discusses the Taiwan’s development strategy of bulk grains and vegetables in Taiwan.
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