January 2021  
Onslaught of COVID-19 could again slowdown the global recovery
Forecast by TIER, Taiwan economy will grow by 4.30% this year
COVID-19 cases have been increasing recently in the US, Europe, Japan and certain emerging economies. So far, the leading indicators of major economies have remained solid; the question is whether and how long the promising indices can sustain. Nevertheless, the composite indicator of manufacturing issued by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) signal optimism in December 2020 due to growing in export orders. As a result, TIER predicted that the economic growth rate for Taiwan in 2021 would stand at 4.30%. ...Read more
Foreign visitor numbers may fall below 1m this year
The number of international visitors is expected to fall below 1 million this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage around the world, the Tourism Bureau said in January. Foreign travelers to Taiwan dropped from 11.84 million in 2019 to 1.377 million last year, bureau Director-General Chang Hsi-chung told a media briefing in Taipei, adding that 1.3 million arrived during the first quarter, when the government had not yet banned foreign nationals from entering the country for tourism purposes. (Source: Taipei Times)

The MoU on Cooperation within the Area of Energy and Minerals Renewed at the 25th Taiwan-Australia Joint Energy and Minerals, Trade and Investment Cooperation Consultations (Source: MOEA)
Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
Opportunity and perspectives of Taiwan's economic challenges and transformation
Concepts of developing digital economic policies in Euro
The EU considers the nature of cross-boarder digital economy to promote relevant regulations, such as, General Data Protection Regulation and Digital Services Act. EU promotes technology for servicing its people and provide fair competitiveness of digital economy based on its 3 pillars.
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