July 2018  
Taiwan's H1 performance better than expected
TIER adjusts its forecast for Taiwan's GDP growth upward
The US economic performance remains strong and solid, despite that other major economies including the European Union, China, and Japan are slowing down in growth. The trade conflicts between the US and China seem escalated causing further uncertainties for the outlook of second half of 2018; however, the first half of Taiwan's economic growth was better than expected. ...Read more
Flow of talent unbalanced, report says
Taiwan is experiencing a severe imbalance between talent inflows and outflows, with the majority of Taiwanese leaving to work abroad having higher education degrees that qualify them for professional jobs, while most foreigners working in Taiwan are non-professionals, an official research report said. The number of Taiwanese working in abroad increased from 662,000 in 2009 to 728,000 in 2016, a labor policy report by the Legislative Yuan Budget Center said. Among Taiwanese working overseas in 2016, 534,000, or 73.4 percent, had undergraduate, graduate or higher academic degrees, the report said. In contrast, the number of foreign professionals working in Taiwan rose much more slowly, from 27,319 in 2008 to 30,928 in 2016, the report said, adding that only 2,634, or 8.52 percent, of them were high-ranking executives at foreign companies or those that belong to Taiwanese expats. At the same time, the number of foreigners hired to perform non-professional jobs in Taiwan grew from 365,060 in 2008 to 676,142 in 2016, the report said. The report raised concerns over the potential effects of the brain drain on Taiwan’s technological competitiveness. (Source: Taipei Times)

MOEA launched energy saving competitions for one million households and neighborhoods (villages) to lead people consume electricity smartly (Source: MOEA)
Taiwan Economic Research Monthly
The opportunities to governmental performance management in Taiwan
This article attempts to analyse the direction of government performance indicators which firstly clarifies the importance and challenges of KPIs in Taiwan and look at the key research and development methods in recent years to manage the Ministry.
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