February 2019  
Progress in trade talk dismisses global economic uncertainty to some extent
TIER composite indicators for manufacturing and service poised for partial rebound
Despite the fact that the Japanese and European economies are slowing down, the US demand is still pulled by strongly recovering jobs market. In addition, the trade talk between the US and China is approaching a temporary truce, whereas such progress has helped dismiss the global economic uncertainty to some extent. The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) issued its most recent composite indicators for manufacturing and service, and the readings seemed poised for partial rebound; however, it is indeed too early to cerebrate just yet.
Taiwan's exports in January 2019 decreased by 0.32% compared with the same month of 2018. Regarding imports, Taiwan's imports in January 2019 increased by 6.85% compared with imports in January 2018. Exports and imports gave a trade surplus of US$ 0.91 billion on a y-o-y basis, the lowest value for the most recent 6 years.
Taiwan's consumer price index (CPI) increased by 0.20% in January 2019 compared with the same month of previous year. The core inflation rate excluding prices of the energy and food grew by 0.53% in January 2019. In addition, the wholesale price index (WPI) moved up by 0.75% in January 2019 on the year-on-year basis.
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COA ready to help fruit, tea farmers after dry winter
Less rainfall and a warmer winter have led to a drought in parts of central and southern Taiwan, the Council of Agriculture (COA) said in February, as it announced that an emergency task force has been formed and that it would help fruit and tea farmers hurt by the unseasonable weather. Since November last year, the amount of rainfall in central and southern Taiwan has been drastically less than previous years, with Taichung receiving just 18 percent of its rainfall for the period, while Tainan has received only 2 percent, COA Chief Secretary Chang Chih-sheng told a news conference in Taipei. (Source: Taipei Times)

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New direction of industrial collaboration: Stepping into new southbound countries
The "5+2 Industrial Innovation Development Program" is based on the "Industry 4.0" policy, which aims to build a sound industrial innovation ecosystem and accelerates Taiwan's industrial transformation and upgrades. In view of the implementation of the new southbound policy and consideration of local development and market demand, this article will summarise the outcomes of promoting industry 4.0 and collaboration opportunities with six countries in the first phase of the new southbound policy.
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