December 2015  
The Fed's eventual rate hike allays market uncertainties
Slowing Chinese economy could be Achilles' heel of global economy The Taiwanese Economy in November 2015
The US Federal Reserve eventually decided to conduct its first ever interest rate hike on December 16 since the same date 7 years ago. The federal funds rate now stands at 0.25-0.50%. The main reason backing that decision would be the current US unemployment rate that stands as 5.0%. In addition to that, not much really has been worthwhile to cerebrate about. The Bureau of Economic Analysis revised its estimate for Q3 GDP growth rate downward by 0.1 percentage points. The manufacturing purchasing managers’ index dropped to 48.6 points indicating the US industries are in a state of contraction. Nevertheless, the US leading indicator is on the rise providing a slim hope for the future. By comparison, the slowing down of Chinese economy should be the focal point for the time being. Its Q3 economic growth has been the lowest since Q1, 2009. And most international forecasting agencies continue to express their pessimism regarding the outlook of China making it Achilles’ heel of global economy. ...Read more
Nation seeking to expand markets in Southeast Asia
Taiwan is launching a strategic partnership program with Taiwanese businesses operating in member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), aimed at helping Taiwan-based enterprises enlarge their markets in the region, a senior official of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) said Tuesday. Lien Yu-ping, director general of the Department of Investment Services under the MOEA, said in a Taipei forum on globalization that due to geographic factors, Taiwan and the ASEAN member nations have developed close relations in the fields of trade, investment, labor market and agriculture. (Source: The China Post)

Opening Ceremony at the App Creative Park in TAF Innovation Base Set a Milestone for Creativity (Source:MOEA)
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Opportunity to Taiwan's wind energy development
Taiwan's small wind turbine development trend and its international collaboration
Wind power is one important form of renewable energy, while every country implements its renewable energy policies to replace or complement traditional diesel generators. Some American and European countries as well as China have been trying to diversify their power generating systems and promote green economy. As a result, the market demand for small and medium sized wind turbines has been rising like never before.
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