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2009/08/20   The 10 th International Conference on Industrial Technology Innovation-Taiwan, Taipei City

In the era of knowledge economy, innovation is the key element to drive growth and development. Due to the global economy turmoil in the past year, R&D investments and innovation activities among industries have turned conservative. The economic shock thus has created a deep impact on global innovation momentum and fundamental strategy for enterprises. Nevertheless, many forward-looking governments have stepped forward to lead the initiative in promoting innovation in order to strengthen the foundation for economic rebound.

The economy downturn may mean greater challenges for innovation, but it also creates new opportunities. The opportunities have never been seen in the past decades - the opportunities to reshape and rebuild a healthier, and a more sustainable industrial ecology. Changes in the global innovation paradigm can be expected. According to the analysis from many prominent organizations and think tanks, six mega trends will depict global development in the following decades: shifting demographic structure, globalization, universal internet applications, intra-disciplinary technology integration, precision and environment-friendly manufacturing, and improvement on resource usage efficiency. These trends point to the needs and synergy for innovation, and may serve as new engine, as well as new energy for the next wave of prosperity. To face the challenges and to create opportunities, it requires both quick response to the needs and readiness of technological capabilities. Certainly, innovation is still the key and it must go further.

In recognizing the importance of emerging global trends, new challenges, and the needs for innovation, the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) at the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan will host the 2009 International Conference on Industrial Technology Innovation, jointly organized by Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, Chung-Hua Institute for Economic Research, Industrial Technology Research Institute and Institute for Information Industry. The main topics to be addressed in the conference are: "New Era, New Challenges, New Opportunities", "Green Times, Grand Opportunities", "Creating the Future Value of Manufacturing", and "Business Innovation Strategies and Best Practices". This conference gathers international renowned scholars, industrial experts and entrepreneurs to generate meaningful insights collectively.

We sincerely hope that the conference could raise world-wide awareness to work on precedent challenges and opportunities in the time of uncertainty.

More Information: http://itc.tier.org.tw/2009