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2015/04/19   ABAC (APEC Business Advisory Council) 2-Mexico City

APEC Study Centers(ASCs) were part of the vision set out by APEC leaders in 1993 and its annual conference provides an opportunity for academics and scholars from APEC region to discuss APEC related issues.

    This year, APEC Study Centers Consortium Conference was held during 12-13 May in Boracay, Philippines. There were six sessions and focused on the issues of FTAAP, connectivity through services, regional economic integration, SMEs, HRD, and sustainable communities.


   Dr. Ho , as the Chinese Taipei ASC delegate, shared his point of view on advancing the realization of APEC’s FTAAP and provided suggestion to advance the FTAAP. He suggested that APEC would need to add more WTO members to APEC. It would become larger and would be able to promote the inclusive spirit of the multilateral trading system. Also, APEC would ensure that TPP and RCEP are pathways. APEC’s FTAAP agreement could be a hybrid agreement, that is,  parts of TPP and RECP. Last, APEC would continue to strengthen the APEC structure. The focus would be to ensure the existence of active APEC fora and to enhance the ability to build consensus. As a result, the FTAAP negotiations could be less contentious.