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2008/11/20   Taiwan-Russia Joint Symposium on Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Application-Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan-Russia Joint Symposium on Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Application

In an era of constant energy tensions on a global scale and the oil price hikes, the search for new energy alternatives has been a top priority all over the world. In order to develop a hydrogen energy economy, international communities are dedicated to commercializing the great market potential of fuel cell as a clean energy substitute for fossil fuel.

This symposium aims to provide participants an opportunity to experience hydrogen applications and new techniques from Russia. Russian experts and field specialists will present innovative applications such as hydrogen technology used in power generation. Russia’s achievements in hydrogen and fuel cell research and product development will also be introduced in the symposium. Through this cooperative symposium we hope to stimulate knowledge exchange and technology sharing between Taiwan and Russia on industrial applications of hydrogen technology.

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