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2009/08/11   EIU Economist Jan Friederich visited TIER-TIER

EIU Economist Jan Friederich's briefing on China: export trouble-domestic boom

Jan Friederich is senior economist in the Global Forecasting team and deputy product manager, Country Forecasting Services, at the Economist Intelligence Unit.  He has ten years of experience in macroeconomic analysis and forecasting, and is very well positioned to provide briefings on global economic trends, as well as specifically developments within Asia.  During his visit to Taipei in August 2009, Jan shared his views on China's economic developments with fellow economists at TIER.

Host: Dr. David S. Hong, President of TIER

Speaker: Jan Frederich, Senior Economist and Global Forecasting Director, Asia , EIU

Organizer: Yung-Ching Tang, International Affairs Specialist,TIER/ Derek Ho, Business Development, Greater China, EIU