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2009/05/01   Wireless and Optical Communications Conference --The 18th Annual Wireless & Optical Communications Conference -Campus Center, NJIT, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.


Converging Broadband Communications
The 18th Annual Wireless and Optical Communications Conference (WOCC) will bring together technical experts and business leaders from the North America and Pacific Rim to discuss multimedia, optical, networking, and wireless communications technologies and business opportunities. The theme of WOCC 2009 is “Converging Broadband Communications” over public mobile wireless networks, public fixed broadband wireline networks, and private customer premises networks. The integration of these three networks is the focus of a new next-generation providing convergent user-centric services that are no longer associated with types of network access or content media. Instead, these convergent user-centric services will offer seamless delivery of multimedia applications including voice, data, image and streaming video independent of any access technologies. The transport layer protocol is converging on Internet Protocol that propelled the growth of the world wide web. The network and service providers will need to deploy standard-compliant converged networks and offer these new value-added services to save operational cost and grow their revenue. Convergent Communications can truly be considered as the enabler for the next phase of growth for the telecommunication industry.