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2011/08/25   2011 International Conference on Industrial Technology Innovation -International Convention Hall of National Central Library

The world economy is gradually recovering from the financial crisis. However, how to sustain the recovery and secure the long term prosperity remains one of the most daunting tasks to many national governments. Over the last few years, the research and policy making communities around the globe have come to consent that, in order to maintain sustainable and environment-friendly growth, innovation policy needs a major revamp to address emerging issues such as global climate change and low productivity of service economy. In recognition of these global challenges and the need of new policy design, the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) at the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan will host the 12th (2011) International Conference on Industrial Technology Innovation (ICITI). The main theme of ICITI 2011 will be "Heading towards a Sustainable Future”.

For more information, please visit: http://itc.tier.org.tw/2011/en/e_main.asp