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2015/05/12   2015 APEC Study Centers Consortium Conference-Boracay Island, Philippines

The APEC Study Centers Consortium Conference is an annual event whereby APEC Study Centers from the APEC member economies met to discuss the major APEC issues. The Conference was organized by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies and the Philippine APEC Study Center Network in collaboration with the Ateneo de Manila University and the Asian Development Bank Institute.



In 2015, the Conference focused on the following issues: 1) Pathway to FTAAP; 2) Connectivity through Services; 3) Trade and Investment Patterns and Supply Chain Connectivity; 4) Fostering SMEs’ Participation in Regional and Global Economy; 5) Investing in Human Capital Development; and 6) Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities. Dr. Chen-Sheng Ho of the Chinese Taipei APEC Study Center made a presentation on “Advancing the Realization of APEC’s FTAAP.”